Information related to ODL programmes

1. Approval of the statutory bodies of the university. click here to view

2. Approval of DEB-UGC. click here to view

3. Student strength - Enrolled, Passed out

    Degree Diploma
2013-2014 Admission taken 24362 10
  Number of certifications issued/awarded 15897 0
2014-2015 Admission taken 25493 15
  Number of certifications issued/awarded 15022 0
2015-2016 Admission taken 26628 19
  Number of certifications issued/awarded Not yet Not yet

4. Examination Venues / Centres generally selected for Term-end Examinations

Head Quarter

Sl No Examination Venues / Centres
1 Seth Anandram Jaipuria College, Kolkata
2 Surendranath College, Kolkata
3 Maharaja Srischandra College, Kolkata
4 City College of Commerce & Business Administration, Kolkata
5 Victoria Institution (College), Kolkata

Study Centres

Sl No Examination Venues / Centres
1 Raiganj Surendranath Mahavidyalaya
2 Gour Mohan Sachin Mandal Mahavidyalaya
3 Debra College, Balichak
4 Bimal Chandra college of Law
5 P. D. Womens College
6 Behala College
7 Sudarban Hazi Desarat College
8 Egra College
9 Onda College
10 Gangarampur College
11 Mathabanga College
12 Barasat College
13 Vivekananada College
14 Nur Mahammad Mahavidyalaya, Dhulian
15 K.N. College
16 Birbhum Mahavidyalaya
17 Gour Mahavidyalaya
18 Patharpratima Mahavidyalaya
19 Sukanta Mahaidyalaya
20 Balurghat Mahiala Mahavidyalaya
21 Deshbandhu Girls College
22 Sripat Singh College
23 N.B.U
24 Sitalkuchi College
25 Serampore Girls College

[ Term-end examinations are and will be conducted at govt. affiliated institutions ]

5. SLM

SLMs will be available on the website in due course of time.

6. Academic MOU for ODL programmes.

To be provided later on.

7. Minimum qualification of incumbent Subject Coordinators/Counsellors at the Study Centres (programme wise-for all programmes) as per UGC Norm.

Subject Co-ordinators/Counscllors of study centres for all programmes are Assistant Professors/Associate Professors/Readers in subjects concerned satisfying UGC norms.

8. The territorial jurisdiction of the University

The territorial jurisdiction of the University is the whole of state of West Bengal as per Rabindra Bharati Act of Goverment of West Bengal, 1961.